Unique High School Fundraising Ideas

I’ve been searching the web for unique high school fundraisers, but many of them don’t appear to be very novel. This is why I have set up school-craft-fair.com

This vision behind school-craft-fair.com is very simple.

Selling arts and crafts online to raise money for your school.

We all know about etsy, ebay, amazon handmade etc. The craft movement has exploded. So, with so many creative and brilliant students in our schools, why not leverage your talents to raise funds for your own school. Don’t have a one day school craft fair, have a year-round online craft show. You’re making the crafts anyway if you have woodworking, pottery, ceramic or art activities in your school. You may even be throwing some of these creations out at the end of the year.


Unique School Fundraisers

Unique School Fundraisers

Are you tired of the old, traditional school fundraisers? Are you looking for a unique school fundraiser? At http://school-craft-fair.comwe have a new approach. Online, year round fundraising. Simply set up your own school’s store. Upload your students’ creations and sell crafts online for cash. The simplest and most unique school fundraisers idea.