Tomah High School art students excel in state art exhibit

Tomah High School art students excel in state art exhibit

Another inspiring example of high school students making a name for themselves. Well done!

Elmhurst College High School Art Exhibition

Elmhurst College High School Art Exhibition.

If you happen to be in and around Chicago in January why not check out the Elmhurst College High School Art Exhibition. Hundreds of paintings, prints, videos, computer art and works in other media are on display during the exhibition, which begins on January 12 and runs through January 24.

Unique High School Fundraising Ideas

I’ve been searching the web for unique high school fundraisers, but many of them don’t appear to be very novel. This is why I have set up

This vision behind is very simple.

Selling arts and crafts online to raise money for your school.

We all know about etsy, ebay, amazon handmade etc. The craft movement has exploded. So, with so many creative and brilliant students in our schools, why not leverage your talents to raise funds for your own school. Don’t have a one day school craft fair, have a year-round online craft show. You’re making the crafts anyway if you have woodworking, pottery, ceramic or art activities in your school. You may even be throwing some of these creations out at the end of the year.


Happy Christmas – Sprout Story

Happy Christmas to everyone from

Here’s an interesting story:

Man pushes Brussels sprout up Snowdon with his nose in four days

It took four days and 22 sprouts for Stuart Kettell to push a brussel sprout up Mount Snowdon with his nose in a bid to raise money for charity

Unique School Fundraisers

Unique School Fundraisers

Are you tired of the old, traditional school fundraisers? Are you looking for a unique school fundraiser? At http://school-craft-fair.comwe have a new approach. Online, year round fundraising. Simply set up your own school’s store. Upload your students’ creations and sell crafts online for cash. The simplest and most unique school fundraisers idea.

Fundraising Idea For School

Fundraising Idea For School

Calling all students, teachers and PTA members. Are you looking for a unique and novel fundraising idea for your school? You’ve found it. Signup to http://school-craft-fair.comand take control of your own school fundraising by selling arts and crafts online.

Online Fundraising Auctions For Schools

Are you interested in raising money for your school? Perhaps you have considered trying an online auction. Whilst online school auctions can be great, the solutions currently available are limited and expensive. A typical online auctio pack costs upwards of $500 and will have a limited audience. If you are in in interested in raising money online for your school why not try our free platform where you can sell arts and crafts year round for a commission of only 10%.

High School Craft Fair New York

High School Craft Fair New York – Online School Fundraising

Funding For Schools in NYC

Hi everyone. New York is thne first place we are launching our online high school fundrsiser. We are looking for NY’s brightest kids and most progressive schools to get things started. Get inspired. Take control and raise money for your school using our online school craft show!

Is There An Etsy For Kids

Is There An Etsy For Kids?

You may ask yourself – is there an etsy for kids or can kids sell on etsy. The answer is not really. Parents can help their kids sell on etsy but etsy does noy allow kids to have their own accounts.

Similarly on we do not allow children to have their own accounts. All craft stores are run by school teachers.

What is the unique selling point of schools crafts Quite simple really. When people visit this site to buy high school students’ crafts they know that they are supporting a good cause. They may even be school alumni.

How Can Teens Make Money Online

How Can Teens Make Money Online is a really cool way for teens to make money online, but with a twist! We have set up this site so that schools can run virtual craft shows, and thereby earn money for their schools. Teens are not permitted to sell items on this site by themselves, but of course it is the students and teens who are the backbone of our project.

If you are a teen who is interested in making money online, why not tell your teachers about this site. Get together with your classmates, make crafts and sell them in our online craft show – Raise Money for Your School.

How To Fundraise For Schools Online

How To Fundraise For Schools Online – Online School Fundraising

The world is changing fast, isn’t it? Just yesterday I was telling my kids how back in the ‘olden days’ we had no mobile/cell phones. If you had to make a phone call you would have to find a payphone and put money in it. They just couldn’t picture it!

So the world is constantly evolving. I set up a site some months back – prompted by my kids. They wanted to make pocket money online. So I set up Then the thought came to me – this could be a really cool way for schools to fundraise online.

How can schools fundraise online? There is no other website where schools can raise money and showcase their students’ creativity simultaneously! This is a novel fundraising idea.

So I’m waffling a bit now. I thought it would be a really novel concept if I set up a site to facilitate school fundraising.

The platform this site is built on is like any other webstore or multivendor site. School staff or teachers can Register and apply to set up a store. Then we review it and approve. Once approved, the store owner can then upload pictures of their students’ crafts and sell them online. It really is that simple.

Why will it work? I really do believe that this will be successful because:

People love to support schools

Students are highly creative and energetic

Students make crafts and produce art in school anyway

Teachers love to show off their kids’ talents

The world is always looking for something fresh and new.

So please join our community. Read about us here.

We have also added many social media buttons to our site so please share with your friends.


Teenage Crafts To Make And Sell

Teenage Crafts To Make And Sell

We are looking for the most inspirational teenage crafts to make and sell online. We have just established our online store and we will populate some examples. But we need your help.

Remember we want to create a community where parents, teachers and students can fundraise for their schools.

The idea is simple. You create great crafts in your school. Upload to your own webstore, share with friends and relatives and reinvest the profits in your school.

Schools Crafts Fair – How It Works

How Schools Crafts Fundraising Works

So, how does Schools Crafts work?

Schools crafts is setup just like any online store. In this case it is an arts and crafts store where schools can sell crafts for fundraising activities.

Click the Register button to apply to become a member. Once your account has been verified and authorised you will be able to sell your own student’s crafts.

Registration is simple and setup of your crafts store is easy. You will have to add some basic information such as Store Name, Store Description, Shipping Policies etc. Then you can add as many crafts for sale as you wish.

All transactions are conducted through a secure Paypal platform, so you will need to have a Paypal account. will charge a 10% commission on all sales.



School Fundraising Ideas

School Fundraising Ideas

Hi Everyone

We are looking for the best fundraising ideas so schools can raise money online.

We have set up this site so that schools can sell art and craft items created by their students online.

The craft items should be suitable for easy sale online. Things that can be popped into an envelope or small package.

So some craft ideas to get the conversation started:






Wood carving