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How To Fundraise For Schools Online – Online School Fundraising

The world is changing fast, isn’t it? Just yesterday I was telling my kids how back in the ‘olden days’ we had no mobile/cell phones. If you had to make a phone call you would have to find a payphone and put money in it. They just couldn’t picture it!

So the world is constantly evolving. I set up a site some months back – prompted by my kids. They wanted to make pocket money online. So I set up Then the thought came to me – this could be a really cool way for schools to fundraise online.

How can schools fundraise online? There is no other website where schools can raise money and showcase their students’ creativity simultaneously! This is a novel fundraising idea.

So I’m waffling a bit now. I thought it would be a really novel concept if I set up a site to facilitate school fundraising.

The platform this site is built on is like any other webstore or multivendor site. School staff or teachers can Register and apply to set up a store. Then we review it and approve. Once approved, the store owner can then upload pictures of their students’ crafts and sell them online. It really is that simple.

Why will it work? I really do believe that this will be successful because:

People love to support schools

Students are highly creative and energetic

Students make crafts and produce art in school anyway

Teachers love to show off their kids’ talents

The world is always looking for something fresh and new.

So please join our community. Read about us here.

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