Fundraising Ideas For Schools

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Fundraising Ideas For Schools

Traditional fundraising Ideas for school can be great for students and teachers alike. However, they tend to be one-off events, thereby limiting the potential impact for your school. Additionally they can never have a global reach – limiting your audience. On this page we present a list of awesome, fun, challenging, and novel fundraising ideas for schools – which you can make and sell online to raise money for your school. Visit

68 Amazing and Inspirational Fundraising Ideas for Schools.

  1. Heart Shaped Box. This beautiful heart shaped box is made by weaving wool or yarn between pre-positioned wooden sticks. Individuality can be expressed by choosing your own yarn colours, adding beads or other accessories. This box is easy to make and would be perfect for storing jewellery, makeup, odds and ends.
  2. Celtic Cross / St. Brigid’s Cross.
  3. Hand Hammered Copper Jewelry. This is a very simple and beautiful craft to make. The techniques used here essentially date back thousands of years. Get copper wire of different diameters from your local DIY store. Then bend and twist the wires into your desi shape, and hammer flat.
  4. Cribbage Table. OK, I know, this seems very advanced for a school craft fair. But I think this would be a really cool woodwork project for high school students, and maybe your class could make one or two extra to sell for your school. Finished properly, I bet someone would be more than willing to pay several hundred dollars forthis.
  5. Woodworking Table
  6. Woodworking Bench
  7. Schoolhouse Chair and Writing Desk. Another beautiful example of what can de done with wood. This chair incorporates a writing desk, with storage beneath for books. Again, woodwork teachers, if your students are making craft projects of this calibre – then make some extra ones and sell for your school.
  8. Two Drawer Chest – See it on our Pinterest
  9. Dining Room Bench With Storage – See it on our Pinterest
  10. Woodwork Stool
  11. Handmade Bookmarks. Handmade bookmarks are easy to sell, cheap to make and easy to ship. Why not personalise them with your school logo or motto. You can find a great tutorial here.
  12. Earphone Holder. From By the way this is a top class website, full of great ideas.
  13. Recycled Cardboard Portrait
  14. High School Graduation Display Cabinet
  15. High School Art Wire Sculpture
  16. Cardboard 3D Art
  17. Magnet Projects
  18. Medieval Illuminated Letters
  19. Picasso Art – Art
  20. Four Views Of An Animal – Art
  21. Japanese Trees – Art
  22. Metal Tooling – Art
  23. DIY Newspaper Weaving Basket
  24. Square Know Wave Bracelet
  25. Starbucks USB
  26. Travel Tic-Tac-Toe Board
  27. Nesting Trays
  28. Ping Pong Ball Launcher
  29. Woodwork Coffee Table
  30. Woodwork File Holder
  31. Woodwork Bottle Holder
  32. Woodwork Birdhouse
  33. Woodwork Bed
  34. Split Portraits – Art
  35. Stress Ball
  36. Sun In Hand – Art
  37. Origami
  38. Holiday Lanterns
  39. School Book Covers
  40. Pinch Pot Monsters – Pottery
  41. Papercut Portraits – Art
  42. Symbolic Self Portrait – Art
  43. Cubism – Art
  44. Ceramic Coil Built Vase
  45. Mason Jar
  46. Light Bulb Aquarium
  47. Pretty Swirly Ring
  48. Burlap Bags
  49. Big Bead Flower Bracelet
  50. Embroidery
  51. Candy Maze Carpentry
  52. Woodwork Candle Holder
  53. Child’s Bureau – pour les petites
  54. K-cup storage
  55. Woodwork Clock
  56. Woodwork Desktop Ornaments – Owl
  57. Safety Pin Bracelet
  58. Ceramic Gourd Birdhouse
  59. 2 Pictures in 1
  60. Phone Prison Desk Organiser
  61. DIY Balloon Bowls
  62. Weaved Bracelets
  63. Popsicle Stick Bracelets
  64. Wire Wrap Pendants
  65. Olive Wood Goblet
  66. Plastic Picnic Table

You can find all of these and many more wonderful fundraising ideas on our Pinterest Board. So come on, get inspired!

Fundraising for your school is made easy with our online school craft fair is a place where you can easily showcase and sell your students’ crafts online.

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