Apples or iPads? Inequality and Fundraising in Schools — Unlocking the Gate

Backpack Surprises When I open up my child’s backpack, there are many things I don’t like to find. Used Kleenex, punctured containers of yogurt, and an open water bottle next to a library book, are some good examples. Those things, however, can be easily resolved. But this week, my newest after-school gift came in […

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What It Means To Be Blessed With A Good Education — saneteachers

This past Friday I attended the NYSABE conference. The New York State Association of Bilingual Educators conference. One of the themes was how speaking more than one language helps our brains to function differently and better. They were talking about synapses and neurotransmitters and how the brain makes more pathways when you learn more than […]

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Is Schooling and Education same? — utkarshsharma26

School, The first picture that comes to my mind is of Recess where kids fight for tiffins, run around like insane mob. Yes, I do feel that school was the best part of my life, and I do cherish those amazing moments and memories. Sitting in groups chatting all the time, discussing cartoons and all…Those […]

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The 50-50 #fundraiser, a sure-fire way to raise money via @Fundraise_Ideas #Charity #NPO — The Ilze Halliday Foundation

The 50 50 Raffle Fundraiser has got to be the easiest fundraising idea there is. It is honestly so simple and easy to setup, it’s quite remarkable! So Why is it so Easy? No stocking or selling products people don’t want, No need to find or purchase prizes… Just sell raffle tickets, and the winner […]

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***Help Needed: Please Read*** — Daviot Primary School

School Fund: Over the last few years, I have tried very hard not to ask parents to pay for any of the activities that we do in school (other than the P7 residential trip). This year, the school fund is running a bit low, so I would welcome some fundraising ideas and organisational support from the […]

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Fundraising Ideas —

This is a sponsored post. All of the opinions are my own and not swayed by any outside sources! I LOVE this concept as a mom who is always fundraising! I came across this company called: Keeka As a parent, how many times have you had to sell things to fundraise for your […]

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Fun Friday – Memorial Weekend Easy Craft Ideas — Hunt’s Clubhouse

Hey all, I’m sure many of you will be scurrying about, preparing for your holiday weekend to-do’s. So, why not add to the fun huh? Here are some simple, creative ideas to help liven up your festivities. 🙂 Festive Candles All you need is some rice, beans

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Crochet Novice. — Homemade Geekery

I have recently discovered the world of Crochet and Oh My God! What a wonderful world it is. It all started a week ago on a lazy Friday afternoon, I was flicking from post to post on Pinterest looking at craft ideas to do with my nieces and nephew in the Easter holidays and happened […]

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#AHEART4MCR — Wild Daffodil

Mrs. Snail wrote a post in response to the tragic event in Manchester this week, she always has such wise words to say, calling us to perform some random acts of kindness this Saturday whilst she is in Manchester. Then I saw this page on Facebook – #AHEART4MCR The hearts above are made from the […]

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Unique Fundraising Ideas Inspire

A Seattle parent’s GoFundMe project seeking to erase Seattle’s school lunch debt reached its goal in just five days. Now, other parents are following his lead and starting fundraisers of their own.

Parents and educators in Everett and Marysville have started campaigns to help eradicate lunch debt in their school districts.

School lunch debt is accumulated when a child orders a meal at school but is unable to pay for it. The school won’t turn the child away, but it won’t give the child a full meal, and it will send a bill to their parents.


School Craft Fair – St. Nicholas School Tolleshunt D’Arcy

School Craft Fair in Tolleshunt D’Arcy

St. Nicholas School in Tolleshunt D’Arcy will be holding a fair with a selection of local crafters, ceramicists, artists and produce.

Plants will also be for sale grown by a pupil, her grandmother and some of the local gardening club.

Entrance is 50p for adults with children going free.

A raffle will also be held, and refreshments will be available

The fair will run from 10am to 4pm.

All proceeds will go to the PTFA to purchase new books and improve the learning environment.

School Craft Fete Idea

Looking for ideas for your next school craft fete?

If you have any crafts left over which would be appropriate to sell online why not sell them on The online school craft fair.

We also have loads of great craft ideas for you to browse.

Online School Fundraising Programs

Are you looking for an online school fundraising program? Do you feel uninspired by the normal, ordinary options?

Why not check out School Craft The World’s first and only online school craft fair.

You can raise money for your school by selling crafts online.

Top Teen Craft Websites

If you’re looking for inspiration for your next teen craft project then check out these Sites.


Cool DIY projects for teenagers. Includes art, painting, stitching, woodwork, fabric dying.

Pinterest – Teen Craft Ideas

Pinterest has loads and loads of top ideas. Best of all you don’t even have to read.


Teen craft compilation from various bloggers.

Free Kids Crafts

Focusing on teens as opposed to kids crafts.

Big DIY Ideas

Fun crafts for teens.

Includes bracelet headphones tutorial.

Art Bar


Teen Crafts – Woo! Jr. Kids Activities

Creative, cool and totally useable and wearable!

DIY Crayon Art | Teen Craft – YouTube

DIY Crayon Art Teen Craft! You’re going to love this …

Teen Bible Games, Crafts, Lessons – Christian Games and Crafts

Creative Teen Bible Games, Teen Bible Crafts, Teen Bible Lessons and more!


20 So Cool Crafts for Teens (Okay, and Tweens) • Craftwhack

Jan 13, 2016 – It seemed like when I was young, there weren’t really any cool crafts for teens. I mean, I honestly don’t remember doing any. I mean, I can’t get …

teen craft ideas | Tumblr

A Little Craft In Your Day. DIY Teen Crafts, Dorm Decor, Room Decor, and DIY Fashion!

School Craft Fair

What Is A School Craft Fair?

A school craft fair is a craft show where students can showcase their crafts, typically to parents and relatives in a single event. School craft fairs are held on school grounds – in a sports hall, or outside. Parents and relatives visit the event and view arts and crafts at various stands. These events can be hosted by elementary, middle and high schools.


Why Do Schools Run Craft Fairs?

Schools run craft fairs for a variety of reasons. Firstly, and most importantly, it is a great way for students to gain recognition for their skills and talents. Also, it teaches students organisational skills, allows them to interact with their community, enhances their confidence, and allows the school to improve its profile locally. Additionally, school craft shows afford many schools an opportunity to fundraise by selling items to the attendees, holding raffles, simply asking for donations, and selling the crafts themselves – of course!


What Items Do Students Display At Craft Fairs?

Quite frankly, anything which is considered an art or craft could be displayed at a school craft fair. Of course, one of the primary determining factors is the age of the students. Elementary school students could showcase anything from painted rocks, bead creations, to Popsicle stick crafts. Middle and high school students may demonstrate much more refined and advances pieces – art, woodwork, jewellery, glasswork, knitting, embroidery etc. At all levels the aim of the activity is to have fun. If you are looking for school craft fair ideas, why not visit our Pinterest board.


What Resources Are Available For School Craft Fairs

If you are looking for ideas for your upcoming school craft fair, I find that Pinterest is undeniably the best website to visit. Why? Quite simply you can browse through thousands and thousands of ideas very quickly. Additionally Pins are invariably linked to the source website so you don’t have to trawl through search engine results. A picture really is worth a thousand words.


Are There Other Items I Can Sell?

Additionally there are numerous companies which offer personalised items for sale – perfect for school craft fairs. You can sell items such as hats, shirts, mugs, pens, and calendars with school logo’s. These services are really useful as they can provide a predictable return with little investment. Additionally, if you don’t sell out, many items can be held in storage until the next event.


Is There An Online School Craft Fair?

Yes. was recently launched for this very purpose. It is a place where schools can raise funds by selling crafts online. It operates just like any other school craft fair. You can create a store for your school and advertise them for sale. The site includes social media capabilities to make sharing your store with alumni very easy.