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 What is SchoolCraftFair.com?

School-Craft-Fair.com is a brand new concept. School-Craft-Fair.com is an online place where schools can raise money or fundraise by selling crafts online.

Any school can use this site. Just set up a store to sell your student’s crafts. Get your students inspired. Make awesome crafts, load your student’s crafts to your online store and place them for sale.

We at School-Craft-Fair believe that this concept has great potential. Here are some of the key benefits that we see:

  • Schools can fundraise online by selling crafts made by their students.
  • Students can gain a great sense of achievement.
  • Selling on School-Craft-Fair.com will inspire a sense of pride and ownership for kids in their schools.
  • Students can learn business skills.
  • Students can learn IT and Webmasters skills.

So – parents and teachers. Would you like to raise funds for your school? Do you find that your annual student crafts fairs just don’t raise enough money? Would you like to achieve a more regular income for your schools? Sign up for free today.



How To Use School-Craft-Fair.com

Ok, so you want a new and exciting way to fundraise for your school. You’ve tried everything else, but here are a few thoughts.

Do you make crafts in your school – woodwork, metalwork, ceramics, pottery?

Do you run art classes?

Do you have a commerce class?

At school-craft-fair.com you can move your fundraising into the 21st century.

  1. Register for school-craft-fair.com
  2. You will receive a password by email and we will approve you as a vendor.
  3. Once approved as a vendor, set up your own store for your school. Setup is pretty straight forward. If you need assistance e-mail: schoolscraftsfair@gmail.com.
  4. You can then make crafts, upload photos, set pricing, set terms and conditions, shipping etc.
  5. Share your store items with others – use your school network, alumni, students’ parents etc. We have preinstalled social media buttons for facebook, twitter, pinterest etc.

We charge a 5% commission on all sales.

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